"Art: Remarkable Places"

Naoshima, Seto Inland Sea, Kagawa, Japan


The works of Japanese artist Tadanoori Yokoo are celebrated in 3 rejuvenated traditional Japanese wooden one-story houses, dedicated to the renowned artist and his works. The over-all redesign by architect Yuko Nagayama and associates, highlight Yokoo’s artworks in the three locations all directly alongside the other, almost intertwined, and each perfectly executed. A perfect example working harmoniously with their surroundings, to showcase the eleven paintings and numerous installations.

The atmosphere is surreal, reflected by the mirrors and hypercolour featured in many of Tadanori Yokoo’s artworks. His works harmoniously integrate with the architectural structure and interior,
and comfortably resolve with the now existing - but now renovated - traditional Japanese home.

Between the three houses, a garden allows the visitor to peacefully venture through the museum and take time to connect with each work. Even the visitor restroom is a sight to experience. Teshima Yokoo House is an incredible example of psychedelic creativity from a pivotal Japanese artist and the complimentary vision of a stellar architect.

Teshima Yokoo House is found located in the captivating Seto Inland Sea on Teshima Island, where the visually complimentary location of the gallery couldn’t be more fitting.