"Art: Remarkable Places"

Texas, USA

Imagine a 400,000 year-old extinct volcano, with a remaining volcanic crater in it’s interior, near the extroardinary Painted Desert in northern Arizona, USA.

This is the remarkable location for reknowned American artists James Turrell’s long-term and ambitious project. Turrell purchased the land in 1979, which provided the foundations for a beautiful collaboration between artist and nature. Applying his celebrated technique of altering our perceptions of light through installation with an emphasis on experience, the inner core of the crater is set for a perfectly-site specific design.

Turrell’s project is still underway, with the 4.8km wide crater to be transformed into a large-scale and open-plan observatory, where visitors can experience sky-light and it’s naturally majestic cycle through the purest viewing platform ever constructed.The Painted Desert seasonally hosts hot and dry summers, with b alisteringly cold winters; providing visitors to experience nature at it’s harshest extremes. The Earth’s cycle at it’s rawest.

Albeit ambitious, the project has completed it’s stage 1 of shifting earth from the crater’s bowl.
Stage 2 is currently in progress and in final engineering stages in addition to collecting support for it’s completion. When executed, the project will challenge any other artist installation that re-evalues our thoughts of the mind because of it’s experienced connection with our feelings of the body and soul.
It’s these remarkable projects that keep mankind progressing physically and spiritually.