"Art: Remarkable Places"

Long Island City, New York

Primarily the museum for preserving and showcasing the work of artist Isamu Noguchi, the museum’s building itself is to be equally celebrated. The Noguchi Museum contains the most extensive collection of the dynamic artist’s works, from his sculptures, architectural models and furniture designs, to his stage designs and drawings.

A truly remarkable artist, the museum compliments his works perfectly. Discreet, modest and historical, both The Noguchi Museum and Nouchi’s works are revolutionary in regards to location and time. Self-created, the museum is a work of art and could be amongst Noguchi’s finest works in his outstanding career.

Located in Long Island City in Queens, New York, the museum was opened in 1985 by Noguchi, three years prior to his passing. The double-story museum, 27,000 square feet in size, also houses a sculpture garden at the museum’s entrance, which celebrates Noguchi’s sculptures amongst the native flora on the Island.

The Japanese-American artist has a deep history in New York, first working from a studio in Manhattan, to then relocating to Long Island City in order to execute his work with local artisans (stone carver and metal workers). The museum has continued to work together with the community, with the focus to increase the exposure and visitation of American and international guests.